Librairie du Liban Publishers

The Exciting Reading Level 2 القراءة المشوقة


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Pages: 64
ISBN-13: 9789953332499
ISBN-10: 9953332495
Publisher: Librairie du Liban Publishers

The Exciting Reading Series

"My Arabic Language" is an educational series which aims to teach a child the basic principles of the Arabic language, establish and develop the child's expressional skills, simplify the process of writing the Arabic letters and make writing and enjoyable activity. In its different levels, the series adopts the phases that start with before writing and lead to writing drafts, revising them and correcting them. This series covers all educational levels. This book is the second volume of this series. It follows the same methodology used in the first volume but with a new style that suits the students of this grade and their ability to understand. As such, all of the letters of the Arabic alphabet were put forward in this book; also, the concept of male and female nouns is pointed too, in addition to the names of some animals and machines. In addition to these, there are some short stories and comprehension questions regarding them. In order to clarify these ideas, there are several colored photos, which have educational and pedagogical motives.