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The Divine Reality: God, Islam and The Mirage of Atheism


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Pages: 334
ISBN-13: 9781916238411
ISBN-10: 1916238416
Publisher: Lion Rock Publishing

In The Divine Reality, (Newly Revised Edition 2019) Hamza Andreas Tzortzis provides a compelling case for the rational and spiritual foundations of Islam, whilst intelligently and compassionately deconstructing atheism. Join him on an existential, spiritual and rational journey that articulates powerful arguments for the existence of God, the Qur'an, the Prophethood of Muhammad and why we must know, love and worship God. He addresses academic and popular objections while showing how contemporary atheism is based on false assumptions about reality, which leads to incoherent answers to life's important questions. - Does hope, happiness and human value make sense without the Divine?- Do we have an ultimate purpose?- Can we have consciousness and rational minds without God?- Did the universe come from nothing?- Does evil and suffering negate Divine mercy?- Has scientific progress led to the denial of God?- Are revelation and prophethood myths?- Is God worthy of our worship?If you want to know how the Islamic intellectual and spiritual tradition answers these questions then this is the book for you.Hamza Andreas Tzortzis's new book presents a much needed comprehensive account of Islamic theism that draws upon Western and Islamic thought. Hamza Tzortzis is an international speaker, writer and instructor. He has a PgCert and an MA in philosophy and is currently continuing his postgraduate studies in the field. Hamza has studied Islamic thought and theology under qualified scholars. He has delivered workshops and courses on topics related to Islamic thought and philosophy. Hamza has debated prominent academics and thinkers on Islam and atheism.Reviews: Hamza Tzortzis's work is a much needed and welcome addition to the field of modern Islamic thought. It engages with the rising tide of atheism from an Islamic paradigm, and responds, in an erudite yet easily comprehensible manner, to the primary arguments espoused by the leading figures of New Age Atheism. It is clear that Hamza has spent much time in reading the works of many intellectuals, past and present, and compiling these arguments and counter-arguments. I found the book highly useful, and have no doubt that it will be well received by contemporary Muslims. --- Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Deen of Academic Affairs, The Islamic Seminary of AmericaThe Divine Reality is a much needed resource for Muslims to tackle the contemporary issues on atheism, science, and belief in God from an Islamic perspective. Tzortzis provides a clear and philosophically coherent analysis of arguments that on the surface appear new but in fact have been asked since time immemorial. Intertwined with personal experience and reflections, The Divine Reality is not dry philosophical reading. Tzortzis brings a spiritual and an intellectual combination to his writing that makes for a captivating read. --- Dr. Mohamed Ghilan, PhD Neuroscience, Founder of Andalus OnlineThe Divine Reality takes you through the world of Islamic theism in a systematic and coherent fashion. It is a pioneering effort which will hopefully guide the reader, and other writers, on how to answer the questions related to God's existence and worship from the perspective of Islamic thought. --- Omar Suleiman, President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and Professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist UniversityThe Divine Reality is a valuable contribution to the ongoing exchange between Muslims and atheists. Those interested in the field will benefit from the accessible way Hamza Tzortzis infuses both God and godliness into the conversation, all the while courageously willing to tackle the philosophical issues head on and in an interesting way. A key resource to have access to.--- Shaykh Muhammad Nizami, Islamic Scholar & Co-director of Averroes.