The Conservation of the Holy Qur’an Society

Summary of Al-Muneer Book for Tajweed Rules


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Pages: 55
ISBN-13: 9789957638474
ISBN-10: 9957638475
Publisher: The Conservation of the Holy Qur’an Society

As the need for a book like this among students living abroad has increased, the Society has taken this blessed step in contributing to the spread of the sciences of the Qur’an to a broader audience by shortening the Al-Munir book, limiting it to the major sections in its latest edition (No. 36).

Tajweed is the science that explores the ways of pronouncing the letters from the correct points of articulation and with the appropriate characteristics. It also includes other rules, such as stopping, starting, joining, and finishing.

The ruling of tajweed has two aspects: the theoretical and the practical.

  1. The theoretical side is to know, understand, and memorize the rules of tajweed. The ruling of this is fardh kifaya.

  2. The practical side is to implement the rules of tajweed during recitation.

The ruling of this is wujub ayni for everyone reciting the Quran. The proof of this is the following ayah: “And recite the Quran with a measured recitation” (al-Muzzammil:4).