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Our Prophet Muhammad (s) Life in Makkah Textbook - 2nd Grade (Sirah of Our Prophet - A Mercy to Mankind Textbook 2nd Grade)


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Pages: 43
ISBN-13: 9781563161827
ISBN-10: 1563161826
PublisherIqra' Publications

Complete Sirah Of Our Prophet Series

Our Prophet (s): Life in Makkah is a textbook written as part of the Sirah and Haddith Syllabus for Grade Two pupils. This is new completely revised and redesigned version of IQRA’s popular publication Our Prophet, Part1. The textbook introduces the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad in a simple and charming manner. The lessons on the life of the Prophet have been arranged in a sequential manner that will help pupils to comprehend and think about the important events of the Sirah of our dear Prophet. The textbook is written in simple English with many suitable and colorful illustrations, which make learning interesting for the students. We hope that the textbook will be the beginning of the lasting love and reverence for Muhammad Rasulullah in the hearts and minds of the young believers, Insha’Allah.