Our Language Is Our Pride Practice Kindergarten لغتنا فخرنا


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Pages: 59
ISBN-13: 9781647641320
ISBN-10: 1647641322
Publisher: ArabyBooks

Our Language Is Our Pride Series

Kindergarten Learning Goals:

  • Recognize the alphabets with different shapes in the beginning, middle, and end of the words.
  • Learn the alphabet phonics with short vowels (Damah, Fatha, Kasra, Skoon).
  • Introduce the long vowels (Alif, Wow, and Yah).
  • Connect and disconnect the words.
  • Read words, short sentences using vowels.
  • Increase the listening and understanding skills by recognizing the position of a particular letter in words.
  • Increase the fine motor skills through coloring and cutting activities.