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What makes this curriculum different than others?

Content (International Baccalaureate-IB)

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a worldwide, nonprofit educational program founded to allow all students to receive an education fit for a globalizing world. The IB educational program intends to develop students' intellectual, emotional, personal, and social skills.

Six (IB) themes that are relevant to the real world, that this curriculum is based on. 

Who we are: It allows student to identify, recognize, and be proud of their identity.
How we organize ourselves: It helps student to find the best way to organize the time to be successful in the extended community.
Sharing the planet: It holds student accountable towards the earth and discuss different ways to protect the planet.
How we express ourselves: It gives the student the opportunity to express him/herself through rituals, arts, etc.
How the world works: It shows the impact of nature on our daily lives.
Where we are in place and time: It compares the past and present.

    Standards (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages- ACTFL)

    World success depends considerably on an individual's ability to operate as a successful member of a global village that speaks multiple languages. The ACTFL developed the Five Cs goals as the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Language. The Five Cs goals specify what (content) of world language learning and form the core of standards-based instruction in the world language classroom. The Five Cs goals of foreign language education are Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.

    Our Language is Our Pride Curriculum was designed on the Five Cs goals and 11 standards were written in the teacher manuals.

    Tested Curriculum

    The curriculum got tested before sending it to the market as following:

    The curriculum was used for multiple years inside classrooms. Based on teachers’ feedback, the curriculum was adjusted.

    A whole dissertation study was implemented regarding the curriculum, the title of the study “Content and Instructional Strategies in Learning Arabic as a Second Language: The Impact of a Five Cs Designed Unit on Learners’ Speaking Motivation.” A survey and interview for a focus group were part of the study. It was said by many that students where connected and interested in the topics and activities. It was also said that the curriculum was simple and easy to follow.

    Lessons & Units

    Every level has six units; each unit has two lessons. Each lesson contains:


    Introductory questions and pictures to ensure the initial discussion.
    Moral of the lesson (ex. Verse of the Quran, Hadeeth, Proverb, poem).
    List of the lesson’s goal(s) & language's goal(s).


    List of new words with pictures or meanings with related activities to ensure using them correctly.
    Different texts (fiction, nonfiction, dialogues, stories) with related activities.
    Introduce sentence structure and grammar rules, along with different activities.
    Increase student's knowledge through (Do you know? Section).


    Self-assessment (Student/Reading Book)
    Formative Assessment (Teacher Manual)
    Summative Assessment (Assessment Booklet & Student Book- Project Activity)

    Teacher Guide

    The Teacher Guide provides a complete detailed lesson plan for (45-50 minute) sessions.
    First Step: Daily routine
    Second Step: Topic introduction (pictures, questions, video, etc.)
    Third Step: Topic details (Text, dialogue, etc.)
    Fourth Step: Activates, Instructional strategies, and teaching techniques.
    Fifth Step: Daily formative assessment (3 minutes quiz).
    Sixth Step: Daily assigned homework.
    Summative assessment (Self-assessment and unit test).



    Enjoyable content related to the real life (IB) and updated topics (i.e., COVID-19, current events, etc.
    Colorful and easy curriculum to read and follow.
    Practical grammar rules and sentence structures.


    The lesson plan is designed carefully to be followed (ACTFL).
    Unit assessment is designed and ready to be used.