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Sirah of our Prophet (Mercy to Mankind) Grade 6 Textbook


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Pages: 42
ISBN-13: 9781563161568
ISBN-10: 1563161567
 Iqra' Publications 

Complete Sirah Of Our Prophet Series

 This revised and expanded edition of the popular Mercy to Mankind series covers the post-Hijrah years of the life of Prophet Muhammad (s). It is a textbook to be used in conjunction with IQRA's Seerah and Hadeeth syllabus for junior high. This is part of IQRA' International Educational Foundation's comprehensive program of Islamic studies. This textbook acquaints students with the blessed life and character of Prophet Muhammad (s), so they may develop a deeper appreciation of his mission and message to mankind. The lessons contained within this textbook have been prearranged in a sequential manner designed to facilitate the students’ comprehension of the course work. This new revision includes full-color maps, illustrations, and charts, plus 13 additional lessons besides the main17 lessons. These 30 lessons cover the Madinah period on the following topics:

  • Rasulullah (s) is welcomed in Madinah
  • Masjid Al-Nabawi is built
  • The Brotherhood of the Muhajireen and Ansar
  • The Peace Treaty with the Jews
  • The Enemies of Islam unite
  • Badr: The First Battle with the Kuffar
  • The Battle of Uhud
  • The Battle of the Ditch (Khandaq)
  • Relations with the Jews
  • The Treaty of Hudaybiyah
  • The Clear Victory
  • The Muslims March to Free Makkah
  • Makkah is Freed and the Ka'bah is Cleansed
  • The Battle of Hunayn
  • Rasulullah (s) Campaigns Against the Roman Army
  • The Farewell Pilgrimage of Rasulullah (s)
  • The Last Journey of Rasulullah (s).

Presenting more information and at a higher level of readability, this series builds on the knowledge gained in the Our Prophet series of the lower elementary level.