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Islamic Buds Textbook Level 1 براعم الإسلام


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Pages: 32
ISBN-13: 9789957088170
ISBN-10: 9957088173
PublisherDar Al Manhal Publishers

Islamic Buds Series

Buds of Islam curriculum is one of the amazing educational curricula offered by Dar Al Manhal for kindergarten stage. It aims to teach kids Islamic education lessons in an easy and simple manner. It comes in two levels :

Islamic Buds Level 1 براعم الإسلام المستوى الأول,  and Islamic Buds Level 1 براعم الإسلام المستوى الثاني
The book, Islamic Buds Level 1 براعم الإسلام المستوى الأول, teaches the principles and manners of Islamic religion through sixteen lessons that focus on different subjects suite 5-6 year old kids. It includes Suwar (Quranic chapters);  Sourate Al-Fatiha, Sourate Al-Kawthar, Sourate Al- Falaq, Sourate An-Nas, Sourate An-Nasr, some supplications, in addition to Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH)  pedigree,  Islamic Buds Level 1 براعم الإسلام المستوى الأول  book focuses on Muslim kid manners through teaching the kid some of the morals, values and behaviours that they must be characterized with.