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ICO Learn Arabic Workbook Level 3 (Combined Edition) تعلم العربية كتاب النشاط


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Pages: 91
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The activity book and the student book are one unit. The goal of the activity book is to strengthen and consolidate what has been learned by students in the main book. It consists of 91 pages, with five pages of the activity book for each primary unit in the student book. Students should use the activity book after completing the corresponding primary unit in the student book.

The activity book can be completed in twenty class periods of 45 minutes each. Students may complete unfinished exercises at home with an adult’s help. This will strengthen the relationship between school and home.

The activity book has a number of exercises:
  • Reading with the help of images
  • Reading by filling in the blanks
  • Writing sentences with the help of images
  • Forming questions
  • Using question marks
  • Separating words into their letters
  • Identifying incorrectly-written words
  • Filling in missing letters
  • Writing in naskh handwriting
  • Describing pictures with the help of questions
  • Forming sentences
  • Classifying words
  • Dictation
  • Writing a paragraph