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ICO Learn Arabic Textbook Level 4 (Combined Edition, with Access Code) تعلم العربية كتاب التلميذ


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Pages: 209
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The fourth book of the Learn Arabic series consists of 6 sections, which can be divided into 3 sections for the first half of the school year and 3 sections for the second half. 
Each section contains 4 units, with the fourth unit focusing on review. Each unit includes 3 lessons, except for the 6 review units, which include 2 lessons each. The book therefore contains a total of 24 units (18 regular units and 6 review units) and a total of 66 lessons. 
Each unit of the textbook focuses on a narrative text, story, or dialogue. It is the core on which all of the unit’s activities are based. The unit is divided into 3 lessons over 6 pages.
The first lesson presents the text, story, and dialogue on the first page, and comprehension and new vocabulary on the second page. The second lesson presents understanding the text and vocabulary on the third page, and structure, grammar, communication, and verbal expression on the fourth page. The third lesson has listening, communication, and verbal expression on the fifth page, and some Quran or a hadith on the sixth page.