ICO Learn Arabic Textbook Level 3 (Combined Edition, with Access Code) تعلم العربية كتاب التلميذ


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The student book consists of 24 units: 18 primary units, which present a new subject with each new unit, and 6 revision units, presented after every 3 primary units for review.

Every primary unit has four lessons as follows:
  • Lesson One: Conversation + Words and Expressions + Internalization.
  • Lesson Two: Grammar Structures +Supplementary activities.
  • Lesson Three: Sounds + Listening + Communicating.
  • Lesson Four: Reading + Internalization + Cultural Activities (The Holy Quran, Hadith or Nasheed) + Fun Activities.
Recommended Schedule for teaching this book:
Teaching this book requires 90 Classes (45 minutes for each teaching class), which are distributed as follows:
  • 72 Classes for primary units (72 lessons)
  • 12 classes for revisions units (2 Classes for each unit).
  • 6 Classes for exams.

 Pages: 206