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ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Level 3 (Arabic - Light Version)


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Pages: 223
ISBN-13: 9789960968155
ISBN-10: 9960968154
ICO Publications

ICO Islamic Studies (Light Edition) Series

This book contains the following five areas of study.

  1. Islamic creed
  2. The Holy Quran and its sciences
  3. The biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Islamic history
  4. Acts of devotion
  5. Ethics and manners

This level focuses on aspects of Allah's mightiness in his creation, and it demonstrates the importance of his mercy. The lessons on the Holy Quran include recitation and memorization, as well as an explanation of charity. Students are also introduced to some hadiths. The chapter on acts of devotions talks about the times of the prayers, the importance of Friday prayer, and the importance of taking care of masjids and other public spaces.