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I Learn Arabic Simplified Curriculum Textbook Level 1 أتعلم العربية المنهج الميسر


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Pages: 64

I Learn Arabic Simplified Curriculum Series

  1. Student Text: The student text is the first step of the I Love Arabic series (beginning at 6 years of age). The supplemental materials include a comprehensive workbook, a handwriting book, and a teacher case. The text is comprised of 28 units, discussing the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. Each unit is divided accordingly:
  • Reading Dialogue: Simple and short passages covering sounds, vocabulary, expressions, and syntactical structures
  • Conversation: Conversational exercises encouraging students to participate in classroom activities, use the material in dialogues, and ultimately become fluent speakers
  • Sounds: Sounds are introduced one by one to help students differentiate similar appearances or sounds
  • Vocabulary: Words appear in reading dialogues and are combined with graphics to further student understanding and sensory perception

    2. Workbook: The exercises include the following:
  • Listening Comprehension: Exercises aimed at determining the level of children’s comprehension of new vocabulary and expressions
  • Letter Identification: Children show that they recognize a named letter by circling it
  • Writing: Students practice writing letters and joining them into words, with illustrations to help students to visualize the words
  • Reading: Students read new letters, then words, then expressions
  • Vocabulary: New vocabulary is listed to help with student memorization
  • Illustrated Dictionary: Includes word sets found throughout the lessons for easy memorization
  • The Handwriting Book allows students to practice writing Arabic letters, words, and then expressions.