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IQRA' Elementary Curriculum for Islamic Studies - Grades 1-6


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Pages: 258
ISBN-13: 9781563162565
ISBN-10: 1563162563
 Iqra' Publications

IQRA' Arabic Reader Series

 Written for grades 1-6, this curriculum is broken down into four essential sections: 'Aqidah, Fiqh and Akhlaq, Qur'anic Studies, Sirah and Haddith of Rasulullah (s), and Islamic History and Geography (Social Studies). Each section contains Focal Points, Behavioral objectives, and suggested activities for each topic included in the curriculum. A detailed bibliography of books for children and resource books for teachers is given at the end of the scope for every grade level. It also provides scope & sequence charts detailing the nature of information to be given to students based on their level and cognition. It’s the level one of these comprehensive courses of study spanning the six years of elementary schooling. This Curriculum covers four areas of Islamic knowledge:
 Qur’anic Studies
 Sirah and Haddith of Rasulullah
 Fiqh and Ibadah (Islamic Akhlaq and Adab)
 Islamic Social Studies: Geography and History of the Muslim people.
 Islamic system of government and laws of economics for Muslims.

The aim of the program is to develop a child's Islamic personality through the inculcation of Islamic values and nurturing of Islamic behavior. Keeping in mind the cognitive, social, motor, emotional and physical characteristics of school-aged children (6-12 years), emphasis should be on the acquisition and development of Islamic behavior. In the upper elementary Levels, goals will be extended to include the study and critical understanding of carious fields of Islamic behavior and practice for school-aged children, who learn and adopt new behavior easily and quickly from those they idealize.

1. English language
2. Modern methodology
3. Appropriate for all Islamic and home schools
4. Qur'anic Studies
5. Sirah and Haddith of Prophet Muhammad
6. Fiqh and Ibadah (Islamic Akhlaq and Adab)
7. Islamic Social Studies: Geography and History of Muslim people, Islamic system of government and laws and economics for Muslims.