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Abu Dhabi Mosque - Islamic Building Blocks Set Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


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Piece Count: 641 Blocks

Recommended Age: 4+

Dimensions: 25.6x16x15 Cm


Unveiling the "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque" The World's First educational Islamic building block set by Muslim Blocks®, a masterpiece rendition of modern Islamic architecture. This set offers the unique opportunity to recreate the grandeur of one of the world's most breathtaking mosques. 

Islamic Historical Accuracy 

Our "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque" set meticulously mirrors the mosque's intricate craftsmanship, capturing its gleaming white domes, detailed columns, and reflective pools, paying true homage to its design.

Top-Quality Materials

Constructed with top-tier, enduring interlocking blocks, this set guarantees durability and a seamless reproduction of the architectural marvel's essence.

Beyond Building - An Islamic Educational Journey

Assembling the "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque" set is not just a task; it's an educational experience that enlightens about the history, architecture, and culture of the UAE and Islam.

A Testament to Faith

The completed "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque" model stands as a majestic emblem, ideal for display in any setting, and is bound to garner attention and admiration for its elaborate details.

For Enthusiasts and Historians

Whether a fan of building blocks, an admirer of architecture, or passionate about Islamic history, this set is an indispensable addition to your collection.

Moments of Togetherness

Building this elaborate structure with family promotes bonding and cooperation, creating treasured memories and a shared sense of achievement.