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Pages: 223
ISBN-13: 9781936569809
ISBN-10: 1936569809
Publisher: Weekend Learning Publishers

Children age 3 to 5 are a bundle of joy. They play games, run, climb, watch TV. They express curiosity about almost everything they see and experience. They see things from their own viewpoint and interpret them in their own ways. They want to experiment with new things. They have new ideas. They show new skills. It amazes parents when they see an empty cereal box can be so much fun to them than an expensive toy. They are still in the process of learning their language and sometimes multiple languages are spoken at home.
As parents and caregivers, how do you deal with children of this age group? How do you help them in their learning process? How do you engage them? How do you build the right foundation and empower them? Many parents are confused by the array of activities, learning tools, and curriculum available to them. Expert educators and child psychologists have volumes to say about this process.
Your 3-year-old is transitioning from being a toddler to a preschooler. There is a lot to expect as the transition happens. Five key developments during this transition are as follows:

  1. Physical development
  2. Emotional development
  3. Social development
  4. Cognitive development
  5. Language development

Of these five areas of development, the cognitive and language developments in a 3-year-old are important. Cognitive development is not all about learning the alphabet or how to count. Similarly, language development is not about expressing needs and wants. Both cognitive and language development entails the entire learning process and absorbing information. This involves observing, processing, and understanding information.
Weekend Learning Publishers is glad to announce the publication of a new book titled, PRESCHOOL ACTIVITY BOOK. This book is mainly an activity book with very limited text to support the activities. In many cases, a teacher, or caregiver will require to explain the objective of the activity. For some children, the concept-building exercises and interactive activities will introduce them to fun-filled learning and prepare them for the grades ahead. For others, it will be a simple introduction to how learning takes place. In many cases, there is no right or wrong answer. In many cases, it is about making a choice.