Weekend Learning Islamic Studies Teacher Manual Level 6

Weekend Learning

Weekend Learning Islamic Studies Teacher Manual Level 6

This book is created to assist the teachers who are using Islamic Studies Level 6. Similar to other Annotated Teacher’s Edition from Weekend Learning, this is the same edition as the student textbook, but book comes with other resources such as additional details, answers and teaching tips. A review of the chapter from this book will help you deliver an interesting class. Some of the benefits of using this book are:

Additional explanations of key concepts are provided, eliminating the need for further research.
Focus questions and anticipated student questions and answers are provided.
Additional ayat, meanings, and teaching ideas are incorporated.
Homework assignments and answers are included.
Additional question banks and answers are included.
Ready-made questions and answers to easily generate an exam.
The manual comes with a CD-ROM that contains PowerPoint slides and other teaching materials.
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