We Are Muslims Textbook Grade 5


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Iqra' Publications

Complete We Are Muslims Series

 This fifth – grade level textbook is part of IQRA completely revised and revitalized “aqidah, Fiqh & Akhlaq program. This textbook conveys in a clear and comprehensible manner the universal moral principles of Islam, especially those relating to personal and social ethics; for we at IQRA” believe such values to be the building-blocks of a better world and a blissful afterlife. The “We are Muslims” series of textbook cover five themes, each imperative in the holistic development of a young Muslim’s spiritual life. These are: Muslim Identity, Belief, Practice, Physical and Environmental Health, and Social Etiquette. We at IQRA’ hope that these books will spark a lifetime of interest in Islam and a desire to set out on the road to Iman and Ihsan!

Pages: 156