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The Messengers of Allah - 28 Books


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ISBN-13: 9786258417104
ISBN-10: 6258417108
Publisher: Rayan Publishers

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  • Easy to read for children and recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • Each page of book contains the relevant graphics with the story written on left side of each page which makes the reading more entertaining for Kids.
  • At the end of each book shows some activities for children to perform such as crossword, questions. All the questions ask from the pre-written story. At last, answers for the questions and some glossary is also given to help the kids to check one's intelligence.
  • The best story book for any children who wants to learn something in an easy and more entertaining way.
  • The closed packing box includes 28 books in total.

The Prophet (A.S.) story book "The Messengers of Allah" is a new activity book series emphasise character building stories and fun activities. This book series introduce a story from the life of Prophet of Islam in an imaginative, fun-filled way.

The Messengers of Allah - 28 Books:

  • Adam: Have you ever wondered what heaven is like? What did the first guests of heaven, Prophet Adam and Eve, experience there? What was their first test? Are you ready to learn together?
  • Idris: What was the first discovery ever to be made on Earth? Who was the first inventor? Where was the first city established? Are you ready to learn all of the answers to these questions together?
  • Noah: You should read the life of Prophet Noah, who was the second predecessor of mankind.
  • Hud: Prophet Hud beat the gigantic and strong people with his mind and his mercy.
  • Saleh: Prophet Saleh's lineage was from royalty he did not care about this at all. 
  • Ibraheem: The intelligence and bravery of Prophet Ibraheem who forced his tribe to face their own wrongdoings....
  • Lut: Prophet Lut was the best example of bravery and submission to Allah.
  • Ismael: That sweet zamzam water spurted out from beside the foot of Prophet Ismael when he was just a little baby. He helped his father.
  • Ishak: Prophet Ishak was an excellent educator. He always advised families to value their children and to raise them according to their interests and talents.
  • Yaqoob: Prophet Yaqoob invited people to kindness and to believe in Allah in the lands of Canaan.
  • Yusef: Turn the pages of this book to learn more about Prophet Joseph and witness the miracles of the Messengers of Allah on Earth!
  • Ayyub: Would you like to learn about the patience and gratefulness of Prophet Ayyub?
  • Shoaib: When Prophet Shoaib was given his prophethood, the people asked for various miracles from him. Do you know what those miracles were?
  • Musa: Prophet Musa defeated all the magicians with his staff... Would you like to know what happened to the evil Pharoah and his men who oppressed the people?
  • Haroon: Prophet Haroon became the symbol of patience and helping others.
  • Dawood: Prophet Dawood was able to soften iron with his bare hands. Do you want to learn more about him?
  • Sulaiman: Prophet Sulaiman had the ability to speak with birds and other animals. The ants would come and tell him of their problems.
  • Ilyaas: Prophet Ilyaas cured an ill child with his prayers and his struggle was an example for everyone. Do you know what happened later on?
  • Alyasa: Did you know that Prophet Alyasa was able to cure people with his prayers and even he could turn bitter water into sweet drinkable water? and so much more....
  • Yunus: How did Prophet Yunus escape when he was thrown overboard into the wild waters of the sea?
  • Zulkifl: Prophet Zulkifl used to solve all the problems of the people by being a just judge. Let's see if justice will win....
  • Zakariya: Prophet Zakariya, who was overjoyed with the news, "To have glad tidings of a son called Yahya", continued to preach to the people with renewed effort....
  • Yahya: Prophet Yahya had the talent to resolve the unsolvable problems of the people. With this book you will set off on an amazing journey through time and witness the lives and miracles of the Prophets, who were the Messengers of Allah.
  • Isa: Prophet Isa started to speak when he was a newborn baby. With this book you will set off on an amazing journey through time and witness the lives and miracles of the Prophets, who were the Messengers of Allah.
  • Seth, Yusha, Ezra: With this book you will set off on an amazing journey through time and witness the lives and miracles of the Prophets, who were the Messengers of Allah.
  • Prophethood and the Hijrah : Would you like to witness his life and struggle and get to know our Prophet? Are you ready to embark on a journey in time with this book?
  • The Expected Saviour : The people lived with the hope that a saviour would come. Allah Almighty had informed many signs of the coming of this saviour before his arrival. Would you like to set off on an amazing journey in time and witness these events?
  • Coloring Book

Package Includes:

  • 28 Books in a closed box