Librairie du Liban Publishers

The Exciting Exercises Level 1 التمارين المشوقة


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Pages: 36
ISBN-13: 9789953100739
ISBN-10: 995310073X
Publisher: Librairie du Liban Publishers

The Exciting Reading Series

My Arabic Language is an educational series which aims to teach a child the basic principles of the Arabic language, establish and develop the child’s expressional skills, simplify the process of writing the Arabic letters and make writing and enjoyable activity.
In its different levels, the series adopts the phases that start with before writing and lead to writing drafts, revising them and correcting them. This series covers all educational levels. This book is the first volume of this series and it includes the educational and pedagogical practice material, which aims at teaching the child Arabic letters and how to use them in words. It also aims at immersing them in the concepts of some Arabic words and what they refer to. This is not everything, as the book also has exemplary written exercises which aim at teaching the child how to draw the Arabic letters and it also includes practice exercises which teaches the child how to properly use the Arabic letter in a word.