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The Arabic Club Readers series


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The Arabic Club Readers are a series of banded, colourful and fun books for young learners of Arabic, designed to nurture confidence and motivation.

** contains (68) books


  • Created by experienced Arabic teachers and authors.
  • Based on in depth research and developed specifically for the Arabic language.
  • Grouped into clear colour bands based on reading ability.
  • Thoroughly researched banding ensures students read at the level which best suits their needs.
  • A wide range of stories with common text characteristics teach key reading skills.
  • Designed for guided reading but can be used flexibly for whole class and independent work.
  • Frequent reading practice on suitably challenging texts ensures that all learners progress.
Book Name ISBN
 Red B: I don't want to be late 978-0-198369776
 Red A: We are friends 978-0-198369752
 Pink B: Do You Have A Water Melon? 978-0-198369592
 Blue: A trip to Britain's forests 978-0-198369677
 Pink B: Who can run fast 978-0-198369615
 Pink B: Delicious sandwich 978-0-198369639
 Pink A: Chadli's Clothes 978-0-198369714
 Green: Hiba and Kuku 978-0-198369790
 Red A: On safari 978-0-198369653
 Yellow: Trees 978-0-198369578
 Red A: Faris and his brother 978-0-198369431
 Red B: What will Julia Wear? 978-0-198369493
 Pink B: Salma's amazing chicken 978-0-198369356
 Pink A: I am eating breakfast 978-0-198369318
 Red A: My father and me 978-0-198369455
 Pink B: These are my friends 978-0-198369370
 Pink B: How Many Cups? 978-0-198369332
 Red A: The clever rabbit 978-0-198369479
 Red A: Where have you reached? 978-0-198369394
 Red A: Mustafa and his mum 978-0-198369530
 Yellow: Sara Rides a Bicycle 978-0-198369554
 Red B: Fadi's Box 978-0-198369516
 Red A: The Giant 978-0-198369417
 Yellow Band: Nada and the Sweets 978-1408524886
 Yellow Band: The Friends' Picnic 978-1408524879
 Yellow Band: The Rabbit's Hat 978-1408524862
 Blue Band: Nahoula's Story 978-1408524947
 Red Band A: Rain, Rain, Rain 978-1408524992
 Yellow Band: Is there anybody to help? 978-1408524855
 Pink Band A: I Want to Grow Up 978-1408524848
 Yellow Band: Arranging the discs 978-1408524831
 Pink Band B: I know my colours 978-1408524602
 Red Band A: I Like Fruit 978-1408524664
 Pink A Band: I have toys 978-1408524640
 Pink B Band: My Suitcase 978-1408524633
 Pink Band B: My Garden 978-1408524619
 Yellow Band: Elephants 978-1408524824
 Red Band A: I Like Fruit Salad 978-1408524596
 Pink Band B: Where are we going? 978-1408524589
 Red Band: Sorry, I'm busy 978-1408524558
 Red Band: It's Time to Sleep 978-1408524572
 Pink Band A: This is cake 978-1408524565
 Yellow Band: What did the Lion Eat? 978-1408524800
 Pink Band B: Colours Around Us 978-1408525005
 Red Band A: Time For School 978-1408524541
 Yellow Band: Hiba's Teddy Bear 978-1408524817
 Yellow Band: My Uncle is a clever Carpenter 978-1408524794
 Pink Band A: What is Rasha Making? 978-1408524725
 Red Band B: Where are you from? 978-1408524732
 Red Band B: Where's the Sparrow? 978-1408524749
 Pink Band B: Big and Small 978-1408524756
 Pink Band A: This is my School 978-1408524695
 Red Band B: We Want the Apple 978-1408524701
 Yellow Band: What's in the Box? 978-1408524688
 Pink Band B: This is a car 978-1408524718
 Pink Band B: The office is there 978-1408524961
 Blue Band: Majid the Astronaut 978-1408524923
 Red Band A: I am Big 978-1408524985
 Blue Band: Arabic Food 978-1408524916
 Blue Band: My Kite 978-1408524930
 Yellow Band: Did We Eat Together? 978-1408524770
 Blue Band: Ahmed's Favourite Hobby 978-1408524909
 Blue Band: Adnan and the Hoopoe 978-1408524893
 Pink Band A: In the Jungle 978-1408524657
 Red Band: The Zoo 978-1408524534
 Blue Band: The Farm 978-1408524954
 Red Band B: The Small Sparrow 978-1408524671
 Blue Band: The monkey and the crocodile 978-1408524978