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Teachings of the Qur'an Workbook Volume 3


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This is the long awaited study guide for the textbook Teachings of the Qur'an, Volume 3. Study guides are an integral part of IQRA's Comprehensive Program of Islamic education, along with their accompanying textbooks.
This study guide is developed with the purpose of providing meaningful and interesting reinforcement to the children after they have completed reading a lesson in the textbook.
Each activity corresponds to a lesson in the textbook. In order to benefit from the activities, the teacher needs to read through the corresponding lesson in the textbook with the students and guide them to work on the exercises in the workbook.

It will be helpful to follow the following strategies while teaching in the class:
  • Introduce the lesson: Read each lesson with the children in the classroom silently.
  • Introduce the vocabulary: Discuss the meaning of each new word introduced in the lesson.
  • Reading and reflection: Ask the students to read the lesson again silently to themselves and to think about the specific issues dealt with in the lesson.
  • Asking comprehension questions: After the children have read a lesson, ask comprehension questions (literal, inferential and critical) about the content in the lesson.
  • Providing practice: open the same lesson in the workbook and discuss the relevant activities with the class. Some of the activities can be used for home work.

  Pages: 130