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Teachings of the Qur'an Workbook Volume 1


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Pages: 100
ISBN-13: 9781563161117
ISBN-10: 1563161117
PublisherIqra' Publications

 Teachings of the Qur'an (textbooks and workbooks), Volumes I, II, III, represent the first systematic attempt to present the teachings of the Qur'an for elementary level children at their own level of understanding. The first in a series of straightforward, yet attractive books, this textbook brings the Qur'an and its teachings in to focus for young readers. Each lesson starts with a selected 'Ayah which gives the basic message of the Qur'an as covered in that lesson. It follows with transliteration, translation, and explanation. The first eight lessons discuss the external meaning of Bismillah, the importance of reading the Qur'an, and ways to recite the Qur'an properly and delightfully. The succeeding seven chapters deal with the Five 'Arkan (Pillars) of Islam in an explicit and straightforward manner. Each lesson is concluded with a summary of important points and a list of difficult words. The lesson is concluded with an appropriate selection of an 'Ayah or Haddith, which further explains the message of the lesson. A glossary of Arabic words provides the vocabulary of the Qur’anic text word for word, while a standard glossary is provided to define the difficult words. This workbook has been developed to provide meaningful and interesting activities for the students who are studying the companion textbook. These innovative activities reinforce the key Qur'anic concepts as they are presented in the textbook, with the goal of enhancing the students' abilities at problem solving, sequencing, evaluating, drawing conclusions and comprehension. The exercises provided in the workbook are developed with an understanding of the abilities and interests of children 7-9 years old. This series is written especially fir children, but we are sure the adults will find it equally informative and beneficial.