Dar Al Maarifah

Tajweed Quran without Case 5" X 8"


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Pages: 666
ISBN-13: 9789933900298
PublisherDar Al Maarifah

 The text has been created by the publishers to demonstrate the tajweed norms when reading the Qur'an. The writing style of the book is Uthmani, with case vowelization and dotting on the audible characters. The use of color to distinguish between letters pertaining to different tajweed rules inside the text indicates those rules. This method aids in encouraging and facilitating accurate Qur'anic recitation by making the rules of recitation easier for the reader to understand. The text is color-coded: blue denotes a strong pronunciation of the letter, green indicates nasalization, red indicates characters that require expanded vocalization, and grey indicates when a letter is not uttered.

This Holy Qur'an translation explains words and meanings in great depth in the text's margins (tafseer wa bayan).