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Color Coded Tajweed Quran Flexible Cover Size 5.5'' x 8'' مصحف التجويد


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Pages: 324
ISBN-13: 9789933458645
ISBN-10: 9933458647
PublisherDar Al Maarifah

The Mushaf Tajweed (Arabic Tajweed Qur'an) in Medium Flexi Cover (5.5x8") format is portable and comes with a bookmark tassel. It has separate colors for each tajweed rule, making it easy to follow and correct your tajweed recitation of the Holy Quran.

ALLAH (SWA) instructed us in his holy book to recite the Quran using tajweed, or "recite the Quran modulating." The tajwid system acts as a guide for improving Quranic recitation styles. This is how the holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), as well as how he recited it. As a result, the reader of the holy Quran longs to fulfill Prophet Mohammed's (PBUH) promise: "whoever recites the Quran correctly and proficiently will be among the bountiful dutiful writers (the angels of the preserved tablet - Al lauh Al Mahfuz)."

Based on our practical grasp of phonology, we have color-coded the placement of particular letters to aid in the accurate recitation of the Holy Quran. This allowed us to categorize these letters into three potential groups in order to improve the reader's knowledge and retention of Tajweed regulations.

  1. The letters which require expanded vocalization. We used red color to highlight these letters.

  2. The letters which are nasalized. These letters are green in color.

  3. the dark blue color indicates the emphatic of the letter (R), the blue color indicates the unrest letters-echoing sound- (qualquala)