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Tafseer & Arabic Workbook: Suratul-Qalam & The Vanishing Garden (Surah 68)


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Pages: 147
ISBN-13: 9781645611370
ISBN-10: 164561137X

PublisherAd-Duha Institute

Allah made an immense plan for the universe and commanded it to be written down by the pen at the beginning of creation. The plan includes precious blessings that we are tested with and a perfect justice system. That is why those who pass the tests will be rewarded with Jannah, and those who fail them will be punished in Jahannam. However, the best part of Allah's plan is that asking forgiveness can change that fate! Your child will learn all about this through the stories of the Quraysh, As-haab Al-Jannah, and Prophet Yoonus (peace be upon him). 

Qalam is also the last of only 29 suwaar in the Qur’aan that start with individual letters, known as Hoorooful-Mooqatta‘aat. Your child will learn all about these letters and what the scholars say about their meanings! 

Special Features:

  • Great introduction to the 29th Juz for children and teens
  • Full verse-by-verse Arabic text and English translation of the entire surah
  • Qur'aan Squad: Secret Agent! (Qur'aanic Arabic vocabulary exercises)
  • Detailed Qur'aan & Hadith references for everything taught
  • Bright, full-color illustrations
  • Excellent lessons from the Qur'aan and Sunnah
  • Entertaining activities to make learning fun
  • Footnotes explaining specific terms or Islamic concepts for new Muslims or non-Muslims