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Tafseer & Arabic Workbook: Suratul-Moodduthir & The Greed Game (Surah 74)


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Pages: 146
ISBN-13: 9781645611318

PublisherAd-Duha Institute

Rasulullahﷺ had received the first revelation in Ghaar Hira from Angel Gibreel. However, long months passed, and Rasulullahﷺ wondered what would happen next. Would the revelation continue? 

In Suratul-Moodduthir, your child will learn about the second time revelation came to Rasulullahﷺ and how the intense greed and arrogance of Quraysh (the ruling tribe of Makkah) led them to reject it. They assumed that idol worship would bring them more wealth, honor, and blessings in the future. But the only thing in store for them was punishment at the hands of nineteen stern, severe angels who stand guard over Jahannam. 

Special Features:

  • Great introduction to the 29th Juz for children and teens
  • Full verse-by-verse Arabic text and English translation of the entire surah
  • Qur'aan Squad: Secret Agent! (Qur'aanic Arabic vocabulary exercises)
  • Detailed Qur'aan & Hadith references for everything taught
  • Bright, full-color illustrations
  • Excellent lessons from the Qur'aan and Sunnah
  • Entertaining activities to make learning fun
  • Footnotes explaining specific terms or Islamic concepts for new Muslims or non-Muslims