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Tafseer & Arabic Workbook: Suratul-Jinn & The Listeners (Surah 72)


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Pages: 164
ISBN-13: 9781645611332
ISBN-10: 1645611337

PublisherAd-Duha Institute

Has your child ever asked you about jinn? If so, Suratul-Jinn should help clear up many things they are curious about. No one knows the unseen (Al-Ghayb) except Allah, so Allah teaches us more about it in this surah than pretty much any other place in the Qur'aan! 

Your child will learn the fascinating story of the jinn listeners, how some became Muslims, who they made dawah to, and why jinn should not be feared. Jinn are just like us in many ways. They have communities, teachers, families, and children. But most importantly, they can choose to be good or bad just like us!  

Special Features:

  • Great introduction to the 29th Juz for children and teens
  • Full verse-by-verse Arabic text and English translation of the entire surah
  • Qur'aan Squad: Secret Agent! (Qur'aanic Arabic vocabulary exercises)
  • Detailed Qur'aan & Hadith references for everything taught
  • Bright, full-color illustrations
  • Excellent lessons from the Qur'aan and Sunnah
  • Entertaining activities to make learning fun
  • Footnotes explaining specific terms or Islamic concepts for new Muslims or non-Muslims