Sultan of Hearts: Prophet Muhammad


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Pages: 884
ISBN-13: 9781597849425
ISBN-10: 1597849421
Publisher: Tughra

Sultan of Hearts: Prophet Muhammad details the exemplary life of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Available now in a single volume, the book is not simply a chronological look into the life of the Prophet but rather an exclusive look into his character, attributes, and qualities through the eyes of his companions and family most close to him.

Brimming with passion and emotion, Sultan of Hearts: Prophet Muhammad transports the readers to the Arabian peninsula centuries ago, as if lifting the constraints of time and space, allows them to discover and explore with freedom the Age of Happiness.

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.
Devoted worshiper, loving father, caring husband,
The model of love, the embodiment of mercy, the pride of humanity,
The beloved of hearts, the educator of minds,
The trainer of souls, the ruler of spirits,
The cause of existence, the reason for creation,
The most illustrious fruit of the Tree of Creation

 “Haylamaz and Harpci’s biography has contributed a highly commendable and laudable work that weaves Islam into the present as a living reality. … [It] is an emotional journey into the Prophet’s life, one takes readers beyond the traditional chronological accounts….”  – American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences