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Safar Teacher’s Guide for Islamic Studies Book 7


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Pages: 67
ISBN-13: 9781912437429
ISBN-10: 1912437422
Publisher: Safar Publications

Safar Islamic Studies Series

 Lesson planning is a vital component of the teaching and learning process. Sufficient classroom planning will keep teachers organized as well as on track while teaching, therefore allowing teachers to teach more and help students reach their learning objectives more easily.

Lesson planning also ensures that there is a coherent framework for smooth and efficient teaching, as well as giving a sense of direction in relation to the overall syllabus.
This guide maps the structure and content of a course. It sets out how class activities, assessment strategies, and resources will be used to ensure that the learning aims and objectives of the course are met successfully.
The Safar Teacher‘s Guide serves as a working document to be used by teachers as a foundation for lesson planning. Our suggestions and ideas can be used and adapted by the teacher when thinking about the aims and delivery of a lesson.
We actively encourage teachers to use these ideas and adapt their teaching to the needs of their children. To this end, we suggest teachers make their own notes in the schemes of work regarding activities that worked or did not work and provide this feedback to us.
We also encourage teachers to be creative and share as many activity ideas as they can with us, in order to improve overall teaching and learning.