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Safar Islamic Studies Textbook 4


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Safar Publications provides a robust and comprehensive curriculum to equip learners with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop a deep-rooted love and relationship with Islam. Through learning, understanding and embodying the Quran and Sunnah, users of Safar curriculum learn to fulfill their religious rites and duties in an informed manner. And through a focus on personal development, they grow to make moral choices and decisions as confident Muslims living in a globalized and modern world.

Safar curriculum and extensive teacher support services privilege the art of learning and teaching in a holistic, contextual and student-centered manner. Furthermore, the curriculum includes the learning of key Muslim values, skills and attitudes, such as God-consciousness, respect, tolerance and mercy for all life. It also aims to give learners the skills to live and build healthy relationships with others in furthering the common good. Through such a values-based approach, our learners can grow to realize their full potential and play an active role as Muslims in their communities and wider society.