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The story of Hamouda and the strange coincidence - قصة حمودة والصدفة العجيبة


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en Hammouda went home after a day at the beach, he opened his bag to find a black seashell among his beautiful colored collection. He almost got rid of it when it suddenly… (Hammouda and the Wonderful Seashell).

(Hammouda and the Wonderful Seashell) is a short story in the in the collection of Al-Manhal Educational Project, level two, which includes 12 children's stories that encourage concept development in children in terms of cooperation, preservation of the environment and manners, and also introduce some scientific concepts related to plants and geometric shapes in a simple language that promotes awareness among children and expand their imagination. Each story ends with a list of objectives and language exercises.

(Hammouda and the Wonderful Seashell) is an educational story presented by Dar Al Manhal.

Pages: 16