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Complete Arabic PreK & KG Series

I started putting this book together from my experience teaching kids Arabic at various weekend schools here in the United States. I was on a curriculum advising committee of many weekend schools and have used great curricula.

I analyzed what motivated children whose Arabic wasn’t their first language to learn Arabic and what kept them from reading or forgetting the material. I put all the missing skills that I have observed from my students in a series of Arabic books intended to make them read within the shortest time possible. I kept in mind that most of the students only had time during the weekend to learn, so I designed the Arabic series to give as much material as possible that is effective during this time. Also, I considered the fact that our classes are melting pots, these series of books are written for everyone, and the books have shown the same effect on students with different backgrounds. My goal out of it is to help kids read Arabic and speak it. I hope this book brings joy to teachers, parents and student.

Pages: 242