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Mubtadee 2 - Silsilat Al-Lisan


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This book is suitable for those who have finished Al-kitab Al-tamhid in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers, or those who have good vocabulary enough for the everyday life and basic communication. Al-kitab Al-Mobtadea comes as a second phase here where students can learn composing sentences in different ways and gaining a suitable basis for learning Arabic grammar.

The book comes in two volumes and covers the following topics:

 Habits and daily activities, the house and its components, furniture, health and medicine, markets and shopping, sports.
Travel and tourism, a scientist’s life in the history of countries, food and dishes, healthy and unhealthy things, visiting a patient, pets and animals, types of clothes, industry and industries and the history of the industry of paper and glass.
Tourism and discovering new countries, amusement and holidays, occasions and festivals, food and drink and the discovery of tea, astronomy and the life of a famous astronomer.
Communications in the past and the present, good morals and bad morals, describing countries and the north pole and the history of Baghdad, differences between life in the past, present and the future, seasons and traditional habits in different seasons.

After finishing this book, learners should be able to:

  • Analyze written and audible materials.

  • Distinguish different tenses.

  • Compose sentences in different ways.

  • Link sentences to each other in an appropriate way.

  • Make dual form and plural form of a singular.

  • Distinguish the empty letters and sounds with no present letters.

  • Use subject pronouns with verbs properly.

  • Use accusative pronouns with verbs.

  • Have a good question/ answer conversation.

  • Distinguish indefinite and definite

  • Distinguish transitive and intransitive verbs.

  • Distinguish subject, object, adjective and genitive in a nominal sentence.

  • Use relative pronouns in an acceptable way,

  • Communicate with people in Arabic in a good way.

  • Understand audible Arabic properly.

  • Understand the structure of simple and compound sentences.

Minimum Hours Needed: 150

Number of Volumes: 2 Books 

By: Mohamed Abs, Amer Alsibai, M Saeed Alabrash and Mumin Alannan.

Revised and Edited by: Bakri Sheigh Ameen, Ali Hamadallah, Dr. Fakhruddeen Qabawah, Dr. Mazen Almubarak, Dr. Mahmoud Almasri and Mahmoud Bay.

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