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Mini Tafseer Book Suratun Naazi'aat (Surah 79)


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Pages: 100
ISBN-13: 9781645610908
ISBN-10: 164561090X
Publisher:  Ad-Duha Institute

Mini Tafseer Book Series

Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Color: Black and White
Recommended for KG-5th Grade

The Mini Tafseer Book Series provides parents/teachers with an exciting way to introduce children to the tafseer (explanation) of Juz 'Amma (30th part of the Qur'aan) plus Suratul-Faatihah. It includes 38 workbooks packed with engaging illustrations, coloring pages, activities, and fascinating information about each surah.
Angels are unseen to us, but in this surah, Allah tells us much about their hidden world. Suratun-Naazi'aat tells us about the jobs of the angels, what will happen on Yowmul-Qiyaamah, and how those who reject Allah's message (like the Quraysh and Phirown), will be punished in this life and the next.
This series is based on the classic Tafseer of Ibn Kathir and the world-renowned Sahih International translation of the Qur'aan. All ahadith quoted in the series come from the Sahih collections of Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are teaching your child from the most authentic Islamic sources, Insha-Allah.
Designed for children in KG to 2nd Grade (as a read along with an adult) or 3rd-5th Grade (used for independent study).

Special Features:

  • Learn Quran For Kids
  • Easy explanation of Islaam for new Muslims
  • Little known facts/trivia 
  • Quran Stories For Kids
  • Arabic vocabulary words 
  • Detailed Qur'aan & Hadith references
  • Coloring Pages For Kids