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Learning Islam Workbook Level 3 (8th Grade)


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Pages: 169
ISBN-13: 9781933301457
ISBN-10: 1933301457
Publisher: ISF Publications

Learning Islam Series

Learning Islam workbook: Level 3 was designed for 8th grade students. It is recommended for students who studied the I Love Islam series during the 1st - 5th grades. This volume contains exercises that correlate with lessons in the Learning Islam textbook covering character building themes extracted from the Qur'an; ahadith; faith; sirah; and other authentic sources. The Islamic themes and concepts are presented in an exciting and creative manner. This book includes activities for 5 units making up approximately 40 chapters and lessons. Units titles are as follows: Allah Controls the World: The Belief in Al-Qadar; Portraits of Faith: The Stories of Zakariyya; Yahiya; Maryam and ‘Isa; Beautiful Worships: The Rules of Siam and Hajj; Islam Prevails over Arabia; As-Sunnah: The other Divine Revelation; and Leading a Pure Lifestyle.Each chapter includes outlines; relevant Islamic vocabulary; succinct and objective material; and relevant stories. To make the material meaningful and action oriented; the book themes are supported by highlighted passages from the Qur'an and relevant ahadith of the Prophet (s). Additionally; the “Faith in Action” sections encourage students to use their new knowledge within their lives. Review sections also encourage students to consolidate their knowledge for further analysis and discussion. Pictures; illustrations; and brilliant layout design makes studying Islam an exciting endeavor for students of this age group.