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Juz' Two Sa-Yaqul Workbook


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Pages: 96
ISBN-13: 9781563161261
ISBN-10: 1563161265
 Iqra' Publications 

 This workbook is a companion to the senior-level textbook, Juz' Two: Sa-Yaqul, especially prepared for classroom and home-schooling. Workbooks are integral part of IQRA's comprehensive program of Islamic Studies and must be used along with the textbooks. This workbook contains engaging exercises dealing with comprehension, critical thinking skills and mastery of new vocabulary words. Each section ends with some hadeeth related to the theme of the ayahs under study. The section "Hadeeth Connection" is developed to integrate the teachings of the Qur'an with the hadeeth of Rasulullah (s). This is a unique effort in integration of various subjects in one lesson! Juz' Two: Sa-Yaqul is a workbook in the IQRA' Program of Islamic Studies at the senior level and is also a Qur'anic reading book for the general public. IQRA has so far published eight textbooks in this series. The series aims at presenting the message of the Qur'an in a methodical and systematic way producing one Juz' every two months. Covers Surat Al-Baqarah verses 142 to 252.