It's ALL About Islam Level 7


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Pages: 407
ISBN-13: 9781933269146
ISBN-10: 1933269146
Publisher: Noorart Publications

It's All about Islam

It’s ALL About Islam – Level 7. The second book in our three-part Islamic Studies curriculum for the middle school grades, Level 7 continues important themes that were introduced in Level 6. This level addresses the basic belief system of Islam, Islamic history and culture, geography, Muslim achievements and the Muslim experience in the West today. Each textbook features relevant topics presenting the Islamic worldview, thereby cultivating the relevance of Islam in the lives of young students. A detailed examination of Islamic history, the prophets, Islamic philosophy, the system of governance based on the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, contemporary issues seen from the Islamic perspective, and notable men and women in Islam’s foundational history.

In addition, Level 7 contains special content on:

-Seerah and early Islamic history 
-Biographies of selected Companions of Prophet Muhammad (s), discussing the contributions of notable men and women in Islam.