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Pages: 218
ISBN-13: 9781563160615
ISBN-10: 1563160617
PublisherIqra' Publications 

 The IQRA’ program of aqîdah, fiqh and akhlâq education provides opportunities for young students and readers to grow into members of the community who “enjoin what is good and censure what is wrong.” In the lower grades, our textbooks place emphasis on the elucidation of Islamic belief, living, and thinking. The key objective of this series of textbooks and enrichment material is to instill in young students Islamic values that will be reflected in everyday living. In the upper-grade levels, the focus shifts from the study of the foundational beliefs and ritual to the principles of the Shari’ah (jurisprudence), so that by the end of high school students will possess a well-versed approach to Islam.