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IQRA' WISE Textbook 6th Grade


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Pages: 227
ISBN-13: 9781563168673
ISBN-10: 1563168677
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Iqra' Wise

 IQRA’ WISE (Weekend Islamic School Excellence) is a unique Islamic Studies series that offers 5 subjects in 1 book! This program takes a fresh approach to the Islamic curriculum in the elementary classroom. The third-grade textbook begins to elevate student learning by featuring stunning visuals and integrating national academic standards with the Islamic Studies curriculum. As in grades one and two, grade three continues to emphasize the importance of a Muslim identity now adding more in-depth concepts including--the adab of speaking, seeking knowledge and being fair and just. Third graders are able to learn the importance and steps of Sunnah, nafl, and Jummah Salah. Building on the Islamic heritage that students have learned in previous grades, this textbook dedicates lessons to the history of prophets Shu’aib (A) and Musa (A), while continuing the Sirah and emphasizing the hadith of Prophet Muhammad (S). IQRA WISE navigates students through complex concepts by keeping content age-appropriate and following strict readability guidelines to ensure students are able to read and comprehend the text on their own. Enrich your student’s lives as they fly through the sky with IQRA WISE.