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ICO Learn Arabic Workbook Level 4 (Combined Edition) تعلم العربية كتاب النشاط


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Pages: 166
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The workbook for fourth grade should be used in conjunction with the fourth grade textbook from the same series of books.
The objective of the workbook is to reinforce ideas and to continue to develop skills learned in the textbook. It pays special attention to writing practice and free reading. Each of the 24 units in the textbook corresponds to one unit in the workbook.
The workbook resembles the textbook in its structure; they are both divided into 6 sections, with 3 sections each, that are taught in one semester. Units consist of 2 lessons (over 4 pages). The first lesson has a story on the first page and reading comprehension and vocabulary on the second page. The second lesson has handwriting and dictation on the third page and free expression or a game on the fourth page.
There are 6 units dedicated to review of old material; each unit is made up of 2 lessons. The first includes reading comprehension, vocabulary, and expression; the second unit includes handwriting, dictation, critical thinking, and entertainment.