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ICO Islamic Studies Textbook: Grade 2 (English - Light Edition)


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Pages: 212
ISBN-13: 9786038070710
ISBN-10: 6038070710
ICO Publications

ICO Islamic Studies (Light Edition) Series

In Grade 2, students build on the two testimonies and are introduced to the pillars of faith. They increase their knowledge of Quran through the recitation and memorization of Surah al-Buruj through Surah ash-Sharh (along with a short explanation for each surah). They learn additional characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as well as the obligatory actions of wudu. Practical lessons on the performance of prayer, including the appropriate number of rakahs for each salah, are an integral component of this level. Student are also taught to respect other's property and to respect family, teachers, and others.

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