Arabian Education Office of Gulf Countries

I Love Arabic Workbook Level Pre-KG


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Pages: 65 
ISBN-13: 9789960152967
ISBN-10: 9960152960
Publisher: Arabian Education Office of Gulf Countries

 This workbook contains 96 activities; each two activities form 1 lesson on two pages, and as a consequence, the book can be taught in 48 classes in 35 minutes. In addition to the time needed to teach the workbook (not directly related to the textbook) accordingly. Both books can be taught in 78 classes. After covering two lessons in the textbook, one activity is done from the workbook.
In this series, the student textbook and workbook complement each other to create an enriching learning experience. The workbook consists of 25 lessons, each lesson taking up two pages. After finishing two lessons in the textbook, the child moves on to the workbook to do one exercise, up until lesson 25. The remaining activities (51-62) in the workbook are not directly related to lessons in the textbook.
Activities in the workbook include: how to hold a pencil and write from right to left, tracing over dotted characters to practice writing, and copying and relating the sounds and shapes of letters, among other exercises.
Students will also be taught counting from 1 to 10, and will practice sorting numbers.
The book takes a modern approach to teaching children Arabic letters and sounds. After students learn a letter in the textbook, they are trained to write and copy it using these steps:

  1. Tracing over dotted letter characters; this teaches students how to hold a pencil, and familiarizes them with the shape of that alphabet letter.
  2. Teaching students how to write the letter, and guiding them from the starting point of a letter to its end point.
  3. Tracing over the shape of the letter, while following guiding arrows for direction.
  4. Copying and writing the letter without tracing over the dots.
This book includes over 20 various types of exercises that attract children in this age-group. Some exercises deal with sounds and letters, while others deal with numbers from 1-10.

  • Teaches Arabic as a primary language
  • Arabic only
  • Uses vowelled letters (diactrical marks, or tashkeel)
  • Textbooks focus: listening, writing, reading, and speaking
  • Workbooks focus: exercises and games that support the textbook
  • Evaluations follow every 5 lessons
  • Exposes students to common terminology
  • Illustrated dictionary plus vocabulary list
  • Ideal for Western students; themes are heavily cultural, not necessarily Islamic.
  • A comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in full-time Islamic and public schools