Easy Quran Reading

Easy Qur'an Reading with Baghdadi Primer Combined معلم القراءة العربية والقرآن - القاعدة البغدادية


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Pages: 80
ISBN-13: 9789771738268
PublisherEasy Quran Reading

Complete Learn to Read Quran Series

Complete Easy Quran Reading & القاعدة بغدادية Series

  1. This book is based on the original Baghdadi Qaida book.
  2. It gradually teaches the alphabet and reading (for children and beginner adults), beginning with the letters, moving on to words, and finally, to sentences.
  3. The curriculum is organized in a similar fashion to the system used in Egyptian memorization schools.
  4. It teaches the reader the difference between the Arabic script and the Uthmani (Quran) script.
  5. Each lesson contains exercises with word examples directly from the Quran.
  6. The lesson on long vowels is in Uthmani script.
  7. It presents rules, such as lam qamariyyah and lam shamsiyyah, clearly with lots of exercises.
  8. It describes how to prefix some particle letters to the definite article.
  9. It explains the difference between the taa letter in its closed and open form.
  10. It describes how hamzat wasl is used at the beginning of a word.
  11. It explains what to do when two letters with sukun meet.
  12. It contains special exercises taken from the book, Rules of Reciting the Quran, covering:
    • Rules of nun sakinah and tanween
    • Rules of meem sakinah
    • Attached madd and separated madd
    • General exercises