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Color Coded Tajweed Quran Economic Version 10" x 14" مصحف التجويد


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ISBN-13: 9789933573782
ISBN-10: 9933573780
PublisherDar Al Maarifah

The publisher describes this color-coded Tajweed Quran (from Surah Al-Fatiha to Suran Al-Nas) as having a nicely designed hard cover, robust binding, and flawless finishing.
We refer to this Quran as the "Standard Quran" because it lacks the "Topics Index" and has only one backdrop color.
The cover comes in a variety of colors (while we cannot guarantee color availability, all colors are extremely attractive). The paper quality is excellent, with interpretations of selected words in the margins of each page.

Available in several sizes.

Allah (sw) instructed us with his sacred book to recite the Quran using Tajweed... "Quran recitation modulating". Tajweed is a system used to improve Quranic recitation manner. The Qur'an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in this manner, as was his recitation of it. As a result, Quran readers are eager to fulfill the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)'s promise: "whoever recites the Quran correctly and proficiently will be with the bountiful dutiful writers (the angels of the preserved tablet - Al lauh Al Mahfuz"

Based on a practical understanding of phonology, we have color-coded some letters to facilitate the correct recitation of the holy Quran. This enabled us to classify these letters into three possible categories to enhance the reader's knowledge and remembering of Tajweed rules:

  • The letters which requires expanded vocalization. We used red color to highlight these letters.
  • The letters which are nasalized these letters are green in color.
  • The dark blue color indicates the emphasis of the letter (R), the blue color indicates the unrest letters-echoing sound- (qualquala)
  • While the letters which are written but are not vocalized. These letters are gray in color.

The reader will quickly become accustomed to reciting the Quran using colors. By engaging the eye, the reader will discover himself/herself implementing 24 Tajweed rules with ease and precision, leaving his/her intellect free to study and understand the content of the holy Quran. For further details, go here.

This Tajweed Quran is in Hafs narration.

All our Tajweed Quran products, including this Quran, include the following:

  • Color-coded letters are used to present Tajweed regulations, which is a very good and straightforward approach to learn and implement the rules.
  • Obvious script: additional spaces between words have been introduced to make the Quran simpler to read and recite.
  • Permissible stops: Long spaces have been introduced in situations where stopping is permitted. It makes it easier to avoid stopping at the incorrect places or times.
  • Tajweed regulations are discussed in full, with useful illustrations.