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Art of Arabic Calligraphy - 6 Volumes Set


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Pages: 46
ISBN-13: 9781563160233
Publisher: Iqra' Publications

These books have been especially designed to teach a beginner the art of Arabic calligraphy. There are ten books in the series, two books for each of the six major Arabic scripts (Naskh, Farisi, Thulth, Kufi, Riq'a, and Diwani). The first book of a pair introduces the single alphabets and the second the combinations of letters in running script. The IQRA' Calligraphy Series is distinct from its series designed to teach simple Arabic reading and writing. Aspiring calligraphers, at any age, who practice diligently every day, will soon discover the joys of this Islamic art as an absorbing discipline, recreation, and mode of spiritual expression. This is a complete set for learning and practicing the Arabic handwriting types and the way to draw the single letters and combines two or more of letters as words on the line. These courses may initiate your future as a master calligrapher, but even it doesn't, you will certainly do greater Justice to the Arabic script. You may find yourself offering gifts of your pieces to friends and relations, earning reward with Allah for beautifying the language He chose for his final revelation, the Qur'an. Begin now with Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim.