Arabic for Beginners Level KG 1 اللغة العربية للمبتدئين


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Pages: 135
ISBN-13: 9781933269313
ISBN-10: 1933269316
Publisher: Noorart Publications

This curriculum is designed for teaching Arabic as a second language for children in the West. This curriculum is unique in that it does not depend on other curriculums for teaching Arabic as a first language. It is especially designed for children, using attractive and interesting techniques, in addition to coloring activities and illustrations.
Teachers and educators should consider the following key points in using this curriculum:

  • Teach Arabic letters by their sounds, not their names.
  • Do not teach alphabetical order.
  • Teach lots of vocabulary and correct students' pronunciation as they learn vocabulary.
  • Use only classical Arabic; do not respond to children in their first language.
  • Connect the Arabic language to Islamic concepts. For example, alif is for Allah and ba is for bismillah.

This book is divided into two levels; the first level is for ages 4–5 and it familiarizes students with pronunciation of words that are pronounced using the lips.