Arabic Between Our Children's Hands Level 4 العربية بين يدي أولادنا


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It consists of (8) units. Each unit has (5) lessons and an activity at the end of each unit. Thus, each book has (40) basic lessons. The lessons of each unit in the books is distributed as follows:



First Lesson: First Dialogue and Vocabulary


Second Lesson: Vocabulary Exercises


Third Lesson: Structures and Exercises


Fourth Lesson: Sounds, Listening


Fifth Lesson: Reading, Writing, and Exercises


Sixth Lesson: Activity


Total Number of the Unit Pages


The book has 105 vocabularies.

Tests, Evaluation and Revision:

It has two revisions, one after Unit Four and the other after Unit Eight. Entitled: (Do you Remember): it is a self-revision of the most parts of such units. This revision often includes the following:

  1. Training to comprehend the heard texts. It includes three levels:
  • At the level of expression/sentence and distinguishment: The student shall have two sentences with slight difference. He/she shall listen to and distinguish one of them.
  1. Training to revise the most vocabulary of the four units, remember their meanings, and sometimes write them.
  2. Training to use the language structures and complete the dialogue.

Pages: 102