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Arabic Between Our Children's Hands Level 11 العربية بين يدي أولادنا


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Arabic for All

  سلسلة متخصصة في تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها، ألفها نخبة من الأكاديميين المتخصصين، والموجهة للدراسين من عمر (5-18) عاما
تتألف من 12 كتاب للطالب مصحوبة بالمواد الصوتية و12 كتاب للمعلم
أُعدت للتدريس في المؤسسات التعليمية المختلفة، كما أنها اعتمدت اللغة العربية الفصحى منهجاً لها
تهدف السلسلة الى تمكين الدارس من الكفايات الثلاث : الكفاية اللغوية ، الكفاية الاتصالية والكفاية الثقافية، واعتمدت على اسلوب استخدام الوسائل التوضيحية كالرسوم الوظيفية والنشاطات اللغوية المتنوعة وراعت التكامل بين مهارات اللغة وعناصرها
كما تحتوي السلسة على ابواب النحو الاساسية وجميع اصوات اللغة ويحتوي كل كتاب على مراجعات مرحلية لتمكن الطالب من الاستذكار ومراجعة المعلومات كما اضيف المادة الصوتية لكل كتاب لتمكين الطالب من التحسس السمعي للاصوات المنطوقة لتمكين الاذن البشرية من تمييز الاصوات والحروف المنطوقة

The most recent series of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers to children.
The main focus is the text around which the exercises and teaching skills and elements revolve.
The texts and graphics were keen to show the culture of the people of the language as much as possible, using Arabic names and Arabic clothes. This is to enhance the linguistic culture in the series.
Include the exercises and activity book in the student book for practical reasons.
Full control of the form for the vocabulary of the series and its texts.
Full control of vocabulary and structures in each unit.
Integration between the three competencies: linguistic, communicative and cultural.
Taking into account the gradation in the presentation of the scientific material.
Follow the educational unit system in displaying the material.
Each of the first nine books contained eight units, and each of the remaining three books contained twelve educational units, and the total units of the series were (108) units.
Each unit concludes the first nine books (1-9) with an additional activity that enhances language skills. It is an educational game or an interesting song suitable for children.
Each of the units of each of the first nine books contained five lessons, and each lesson included several exercises, and the last three books contained nine lessons.
Each of the units of the last three books (10-12) included:

- Two texts; Entrance, and another text. Oral expression. Listening lesson Two grammar topics.

- Written expression. - A special lesson in dictation or calligraphy - training on structures.

Structural geometric regularity of units; Where he put the outline of the book before preparing it.
Treating sounds and acoustic phenomena in various traditional and innovative ways.
Support the written text with illustrations for children to facilitate understanding of the text and the student's interest in learning.
The books included various types of revision as a reminder of information after each of the four units of the first nine books, and after each of the six units of the last three books.
This series integrates with the first series: Arabic at your hands, so whoever completes the study of this series can learn further in Arabic from Arabic easily.
Each book included a detailed index - the business map - of what was included in the units.
Book production is a unique artistic direction.
I relied heavily on the image to clarify the meaning, and to avoid intermediate language.
The chain is concerned with both sexes. Address the letter to each of them.
The first nine books contained - in their entirety - a humorous stand or an entertaining and educational game.
The series comes with software and audio materials.
The inclusion of audio texts for each book at the end arranged according to units, lessons and exercises; For the benefit of the teacher who does not have the teacher's book. These texts are present in their places in the teacher's books.
The audio texts at the end of the book do not include the texts of the dialogues, the presentation of vocabulary and the presentation of sounds.
The series is accompanied by books for the teacher; It contains instructions for how to deliver each lesson and conduct of each training, as well as solutions for the exercises; Therefore, teachers are encouraged to acquire teacher books.
 The series today is in your hands and a great scientific and technical effort has been made in it to facilitate learning of the Arabic language for the student and its love for him. The role of the teacher and the educational institution remained in completing the effort by making sure to use the best means in delivering the material to students, so they should pay attention to cooperative education and link language to life.
 And Arabic for all, as she presents her series, hopes that it will be an addition to the service of the Arabic language, its teachers and learners, and she asks God to benefit from those who prepared it, who published it, who taught it and who learned from it.