Arabic Between Our Children's Hands Level 10 العربية بين يدي أولادنا


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Arabic In Our Children’s Hands Student Book: Level 10 is a Arabic textbook for elementary school kids from Arabic In Our Children’s Hands series.

With this book, children will learn Arabic words and sentences. Besides, this book helps to improve Arabic writing and reading skill of children. This book contains 12 units, and each unit consists of 9 lessons. In total, there are 108 lessons in this book. The structure of lessons is as follows :

Self-revision and review of those units contain the followings :
  • The first conversation with vocabulary
  • Exercises for Vocabulary
  • Structure with exercises
  • Listening and sounds with exercises
  • Reading and writing with exercises
  • Activity
This book teaches Arabic vocabularies. Exams, revision and assessments include the following:
  • Comprehension and listening practices on three levels.
  • Recognition of sound: Students hear two sound and must recognize one.
  • Word recognition: Students see two words having slight differences. They hear one and have to recognize it.
  • Sentence recognition: Students see two sentences having slight differences. They hear one and have to recognize it.
  • Practice by defining and sometimes writing the vocabularies children learn from 4 units
  • Practice using language and finishing a conversation

تركز هذه السلسلة على اللغة التواصليه , فيتعلم فيها الدارسون عدة تراكيب من اللغة العربية الوظيفية الشائعة ويتعلمون فيها مايقارب (2000) مفردة شائعة من مفردات اللغة العربية ولاسيما مايدور في مواقف الحياة اليومية الشائعة ومايدور في محيط إهتمامات الصغار من مواقف ومفردات